This poster was designed under the theme of Wave held by the East Sea International Art Pre-Biennale in Gangwon Province and Donghae City, Korea, known for having a beautiful blue Pacific Ocean and rich cultural heritage.
The Pre-Biennale is the start of the ‘East Sea International Art Biennale’ held once every two years in Donghae City and Gangwon Province to present a high standard of global visual arts. Two hundred top worldwide artists active in popular visual arts such as graphic design, illustration, drawing, painting, animation, video, installation, mural, and graffiti participated in this event.
The goal of the East Sea International Art Biennale is to promote the geographical and historical significance and value of the East Sea of Korea nationally and internationally, and to improve the economic, social, cultural, artistic, and environmental status by presenting the highest quality cultural and artistic content to the vitalization of the local economy and urban regeneration on an arts platform.
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