“It usually takes four to six seasons to introduce a new fashion line successfully. May&Co. helped us hit a home run our first time to bat”
MARK HEARD, V.P. of  Design
BWA, third-generation family-owned apparel manufacture, hired May&Co. to rapidly establish the new brand identity in the highly competitive men’s apparel category. The challenge included; securing appointments from national buyers, building seasonal lookbooks, developing a robust web presence, designing a structural trade show booth, and establishing social media outlets.

The New York-based company had just entered into a partnership with an established factory in Nicaragua. Together they had created a thriving private label business. The two entities now wanted to develop their brand for major department stores under the name North Country. Inheriting the name and near-luxury price point, May&Co. constructed a differentiating position while referencing the company’s fashion heritage for producing signature fabrics.

Research showed us that men primarily influenced by grunge rock and hipster trends were accustomed to wearing workshirt plaid. There was an opportunity to upgrade tailoring and fabrics to suit urban dwellers that now have professional careers. The concept combined the spirit of roughing it with comfort and style. The brand message extolled the virtues of individualism, nature, and triumph over challenge.

The most significant challenge was to persuade the top men’s wear buyers to pre-register for the unknown label’s preview at industry trade shows.

Custom launch kits were delivered overnight to 25 major department store buyers yielding 21 scheduled appointments. That’s a remarkable 84% response rate. The company took significant pre-orders for merchandise over the Fall and Spring markets.

Key components of the program:
Seasonal Lookbooks
Website with Content Management System
Trade Show Booth Design and Coordination
Design and Production of Labels and Hang Tags
Buyer Promotions
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