The Society for the Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica
The SPAH organization holds its national convention each August in a different North American host city. The communication finds a balance between the host city’s identity and the broader mission of the organization. Each themed design applies to convention materials that include pre-event promotions, posters, website banners, for-sale apparel, stage banners, and the Program of Events. The effort brings a strong sense of community between the host and the geographically disperse troubadours.
Being Media Director of SPAH has allowed me to observe and participate through the inner workings of the National Board of Directors. My role as Publisher of the house magazine Harmonica Happenings enables me to interact with the general membership, working musicians, historians, and industry vendors that collectively sustain the organization’s mission. I view this as an ongoing opportunity to study and document a non-profit community that exists without a physical sense of place but instead centers around an object, skill, and diverse musical traditions.
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